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Monday, October 26, 2009

Safely Admitted

Just Me reports that admittance went off without a hitch even though the man who did it was sarcastic and impatient. He knew it was a voluntary admittance which made Just Me very angry.

Just Me has a "nice private room." There were tears through most of the time until art therapy today. Later things settled down a bit. For reasons unclear they took away the weighted blanket (to ground the body, promote good rest) and fidgets (things to keep the hands busy) that Just Me brought along. Apparently they were returned later in the day. Oh, and pj bottoms, removed then returned.

No doctors were seen today, but blood was drawn, so someone was overseeing the case. Just Me feels relieved to be admitted. There was computer/Internet access and emailed me three times I was happy to see. Early in the day I got a text message that only said, "Admitting sucks." It wasn't that admitting was going on, but referred to the above mentioned sarcastic/annoyed employee.

I'm usually an end of day updater, but I will make extra effort to check and forward supportive emails from Just Me's readers/supporters. All the supportive, encouraging words can and will be used this week. Feel free to send an email if you don't prefer to leave a comment.

Just Me is one of the bravest people I know.



BreezieGirl said...

Sent from Julia... my thoughts and prayers and good wishes for you Just Me!! I really do think that you are SO SO BRAVE for admitting yourself. It seems weird to say, since I don't know you and don't know your whole story, but I'm really proud of you.

Therapy was one of the scariest things in my life and I cannot even begin to imagine voluntarily admitting myself for my health and the greater good. You are amazing.

Heather said...

Hi Just M, I'm finding you for the first time tonight through Julia. I am just in awe of the way you are taking care of yourself right now and doing whatever it takes to be well. I mean that sincerely--you are awesome.

Marta said...

dear just me, i'm new to your blog, new to julia's blog too, but came here from there. i've only read a little bit of your blog, but i'm eager to read more soon.

one of the paradoxes of mental illness is that even when we know exactly what we need to do to take care of ourselves, it is so very very hard to do it. most people can't take care of themselves, even when they don't face the challenges you do. so the fact that you are being so good to yourself in the midst of all this awfulness is just ... awesome. inspiring for sure. you must be one of the kindest people around.

i will be praying for you and checking in to learn how things are going. thanks so much for sharing yourself with all of us. it is not just brave, but so very generous.

best, marta

Anonymous said...

as someone who has a close friend and several family members that have some similar struggles, i am awestruck by your strength and determination to do what is best to take care of yourself. one thing i have learned from friends and family is that in the midst of dealing with such struggles, it's often impossible to think about things clearly (as you have) and to muster up the strength to take action (as you have) - you, my dear, are just amazing. i'm sure you don't always *feel* strong, but you are. hang in there - it sounds like you are in the right place for the right reason, and you've got a whole lotta people on your side.

Dawn said...

Hi Just Me -- I want to thank you for sharing your story. I know you have been such an encouragement to Julia!!! I hugely admire your ability to step forward and demand help when you need it -- so few of us are able to do that and your strength is an inspiration!!!!

Shannon said...

I am just reading your blog now - sent from Julia - and am blown away at your honesty, your bravery and your wonderful writing style. I am so in awe of people like you and Julia who have such a beautiful way with words and aren't afraid to share your experiences. I'm sure you are helping so many people deal with their own issues. Please know that your decision to admit yourself to get things under control was such smart one. You are doing what you need to, and that is such a brave choice. I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you for being such a source of strength and comfort to Julia.

Rachael said...

Hello Just Me - Found you through Julia. I have several step-family members struggling with bi-polar. It is a terribly difficult struggle - good for you, good for you, good for you - for taking care of yourself. I am proud of you. I'll be watching your blog with hope for you and good health. Take care knowing that you are not alone.

Corinn said...

Very glad to hear there's Net access; a lot of people today would be bored to tears without it!

Sorry to hear the admissions guy was a jerk, but it sounds like you're in good hands, JM. I hope you're doing well.