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Thursday, October 29, 2009

What I know.

Just Me slept much better last night. She felt good she asked for Seroquel. She slept through the middle of the night checks (for patient safety).

But she has been anxious and mostly in the mornings so she's looking for a new med. She thinks she looks awful. She is talking more to people and she said she laughed twice Wednesday night during group - which I think is a huge plus.

Everything she has emailed me has been real. But to me, the most honest thing was, "And I only sort of want to kill myself."

She's also been eating a little bit and she saw the sign of evening wanting to eat as a good one. Clothes aren't fitting and the staff made her consult with a nutritionist. It all might result in her having to add a supplement.

I figure that is one reason she is there; everyone else gets to monitor everything else. She just has to exsist until meds kick in the way we hope.

She says that baby steps are feeling like big steps, you know?

Just Me emailed me a panic email in the middle of the day because her work emailed her about here "resignation" - um...she didn't resigned. I guess in interest of her privacy the higher up kept some paper work private to not let people know where she was and assumptions were made and now all it good. But she didn't need that today. Anxiety rose, and meds were needed.

In an early evening note to me she said that she was feeling better, that she'd had a real conversation with someone for the first time, but was still feeling very anxious. Hoping, hoping med adjustments comes through (tonight maybe?). There was mention of meds keeping her from climbing the walls, but she lost me a bit on that sentence. It was about med adjustment pending though, so hopefully that happens for her. Oh, and no blood draws for the day. She was happy about that.

All in all I think JM sounds better. I am not sure she would agree. But her notes to me are not as desperate sounding.

Prayers and good thoughts are still needed. Thanks.

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