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Sunday, November 01, 2009

No idea for a title

I fell asleep last night with my book open and in a weird position.  I slept like that for 2 hours until they told me that I couldn't have anything to eat or drink until I'd had labs this morning.  I only woke up once and that was at 5, which I seem to wake at normally since it's when I get up for work, but 5 was really 4, so I then didn't sleep well until it was time to actually get up.  I didn't want to be up too early because no water and this med cocktail is rough.
The blood draw.....didn't go so well.  Let's just say there was a mess.
I'm really tired this morning.  Partly I think it is the increased dose of Seroquel (am now on the most I can be one) and partly I'm still paying for overdoing yesterday.  4 hours out of the room by choice, not just for groups, is a very long time when you've been doing this maybe 45 minutes per day for almost a week.
I had another odd conversation with my mother last night.  She doesn't understand why I'm taking an extra week off.  To me it's totally logical, stay in hospital several days longer than anticipated, unliekly to be all better 4 days after discharge.   I'll have a lot of appointments in that time, and a lot of adjusting to do.
Here's breakfast.  Let's see if I can eat it all 2 days in a row.
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Emilija said...

It's good to hear from you again (really from you). I know that weekends in the hospital are totally boring. But it sounds like you are doing a little bit better, and I'm glad you are taking another week off. I thought your 1-week plan was cutting it tight. I'm sending you good thoughts!