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Thursday, November 05, 2009

I know the plans

So I finally tracked down the social worker. Apparently Dr. Brain has decided she'd rather I just wait and see her as soon as she is back, rather than see a substitute once. So Dec. 1 I'm to call to be squeezed in. Apparently the appropriate people know this. I hope it works because the one thing I'm not going to handle well is having to fight to not have to wait 4 months. This will mean that I have to talk Dr. Body out of some hefty scripts next week because I'll run out before I see her otherwise.

I also finally have a box of patches. Walgreens was way wrong; my insurance covers them and they cost $50. Which is fine. I knew they wouldn't be cheap.

I saw the papers they sent Dr. Mind. Either I really didn't communicate well or they really exagerrated some things. And we only saw the papers for the last few days; I can't imagine what they are like on the really bad days. I suspect the overly dramatic notes were written by the nurse I hated. The story behind that comes with day 2, I think. Probably tomorrow.

I also went to Sam's club and bought anything I thought I could eat. After dieting so long that is weird, but I'm working so hard on eating more foods that I figured even if some of it isn't very healthy at least it is variety and the more variety I eat the more I'm assuming I'm progress.

I changed my patch for the first time this morning. I didn't do a very good job. I had to tape it down. The pharmacist gave me some things to cover it if that happens again, and tried to explain. Next time I'm going to try my leg, which is the easiest to see place. Maybe that will help as well. I feel better with it on today. I probably am going to try the day off day on for one more and then see if i can do every day. If I can't then I'm going to try on during the day, off at night, simply because that's a much easier routine. Another place I feel the hospital failed me though was never teaching me about application and never having me do it myself. It's not nearly as easy as you'd think, or at least it wasn't this time.

Anyway, i think it's about time to sleep. If nothing else the seroquel helps me sleep.


Julia said...

Still reading and thinking about you. Am hoping you are feeling good about the direction of things and hope that you are resting!

Michal Ann said...

Thanks for posting again. I hope you become a patch expert soon. You're out shopping?? Way to go!

More cheers for you!

Love, Michal