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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Patch Success Again!I

I was a little braver this morning and put my patch in the area I'll probably wear it the most, on my upper chest. The day I messed up I tried the same thing. Since the only way to see is to use a mirror it is tricky. But today I got it on easily without stress or frustration. We'll see how long it takes me to use a spot I can't see well at all.

I also have ordered new medic alerts. I used to wear one all the time, a USB device that you enter things into a template and therefore have specific info. I gave it up after it kept setting the alarm off that was supposed to keep patients off the elevator at work. It also came with some slight defect that cause the cap to fall off into my bra from time to time until I taped it down. Which made it less comfortable. However, I now need an emergency responder to know before they do anything that I'm on an MAOI, but I still need emergency people to be able to see the series of issues I have. So I got 2 that I'll link together on one chain. One is a new USB and the other is a very simple, cheap tag that lists MAOI, multiple med allergies, tetanus allergy and please see USB alert. The USB thing seems to be waterproof, so I'm hoping that the tags just stay on 24/7.

I figured out some of what has been making me feel good/bad/good/bad. Obviously bipolar, but it's also something we did in the hospital. The Provigil/Nuvigil (new version i was on but hospital didn't have so I'm back to the old one), helps me wake up, but also boosts the antidepressant. It also requires prior auth., which my dr. didn't get done before she got sick. So, that means that I had to pay, and that stuff is ridiculously expensive. To save $ I've been hoarding them. This also seemed to make sense while I was trying to be less agitated. But it is obvious I need to take them daily. So, I'll have to figure that out somehow.

Gotta go see Dr. Mind, and then wait in line for an H1N1 shot. Please let the line be short enough I can handle it.........

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Michal Ann said...

You're doing it all. Great management of so many factors.

Thinking of you and praying as the rain falls heavily today, refreshing our beautiful waterways and forests.

"May God our Father shower you with blessings and fill you with His great peace." Col. 1: 2b

(funny: "frain" is the word verification today. "Fraining, its pouring the old man is snoring..." Do you still feel that overwhelming fatigue?