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Sunday, November 01, 2009

I may be grumpy but this sucks

The hospital put me on an overly strict version of the diet I should be on.  Really I shouldn't be on any diet at this dose, but agreed to follow the big no-nos-soy, aged cheese and a few things I don't eat anyway are out.
They took away so much I couldn't eat anything until I complained to my doctor and he revised it.  Except they keep screwing up.  And they've made it much stricter than it should have been, taking away vegetables that aren't even on the strict diet.  Yesterday I got a grilled cheese and no other food despite having requested it.
This morning I was so happy to get my diet card and see that some things were offered, including 2 of the restricted vegetables.  However I didn't want the main choices at supper, and wrote in grilled cheese.  I can't remember what I asked for at lunch (and grilled cheese may have been then and something else tonight).  So by lunch the nurse had worked on getting this stuff worked out for me and I even got soup, previously not allowed.  Tonight?  My 2nd grilled cheese of the day, they substituted my broccoli, and gave me nothing else.  So I've had a ton of greasy grilled cheese. Oh, and at lunch I was given soup with one of the allegedly not allowed vegetables.  This is a wonderful way to gain weight......  I may have written in some kind of eggs for one meal today, which the dietician told me to do when I wasn't eating.  This is not making eating any easier.
This is where I can tell how sick I still am.  Little things like this make me teary.  I also got teary and almost had to leave (stupid) group this morning because I found a hair from my cat.
I again spent most of the afternoon out of my room.  Then I fell asleep and slept 1 /2 hours and then had to wake up for supper.  Good thing the nurse had known I was sleeping because she woke me up.  I now have 2 collages and have found a new way to calm myself.
I also have the pharmacy all set to have the new med.  It's so rare places (including this hospital) won't stock it readily without a request.  My med costs on the way home are going to be scary.  I need lithium refilled, kidney med refilled, a new dose of Synthroid, Emsam (which my insurance may not pay much for), Nuvigil/Provigil (depends on insurance), Klonopin and possibly vistaril which I've also been taking.  I'm guessing $200 that day.
I am anxious to get to tomorrow to find out more about d/c.  I should get a more-or-less final answer, and I'll be able to talk to the social worker about some things I need arranged.
For now, I need to go try to wake up a little.

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Sarahndipitea said...

Just been thinking about you ... lots and lots.

Love to you.