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Monday, November 02, 2009


Today is starting off slowly and anxiously.  The higher dose Seroquel really knocked me out last night.  I wasn't sure it would, and I had actually set a time I'd ask for more anxiety med, but about 30 minutes before that time I fell very sound asleep and didn't wake up until time for early meds.  I happily could sleep for a good bit longer.  Yet I'm anxious.  Those things never seem to make sense to go together.
Glad the weekend is over.  Weekends are boring.  2 groups per day, plus one scheduled each day they didn't do which was fine by me because it was on med compliance and that is so far from a problem of mine. 
Today is what is probably my favorite day in terms of activities.  We have talking group in a few minutes, then we have a group that technically we can play the Wii or various other things, but I always do art therapy, and then after lunch is art therapy again and that's most of the afternoon.  Somewhere in the morning I'll talk to my doctor, and I hope to talk to the social worker today.  I'm also supposed to talk to the dietician today, I think.  I didn't enjoy that much the first time, so who knows what happens now.  I need to use free time to call and re-arrange a Dr. Body appointment and make a dental appointment to adjust my bite guard.
Today may also be hard as people go home.  I think several to quite a few are, and that's hard.  I was very, very sick for a while and didn't respond to treatment all that much until Friday, so I know why I have to stay longer, but just like you'd expect I want to go home.  Today is pretty, although I hear it is chilly, and I want to actually be in the sun.  Rainy days are a lot easier here.
I'm just now really feeling the whole I'm shut up on a locked unit that is very small thing.  Since there are only 10 beds there isn't a lot of space to move around here.  I care more about seeing something different than I care about many of the things you'd think I'd care most about.  (But not as much as I miss my cats).
It's about group time and I need a drink.  More later.

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