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Sunday, November 01, 2009

You all

I talked about my blog in group today and what a support you've all been to an anonymous blogger.  Seriously, I can't go into it right now because I'll cry, but wow. 
One boring group today.  Tonight we voted for no group, just talking.  So very glad.  Groups are overly structured.  It was ok at the beginning, but we are all better now, most going home tomorrow, and we could talk better than listen.  I'm so glad I finally hit on what was irritating me about that.
One of the biggest lessons so far is how good Dr. Mind is, and how good Dr. Brain is.  Dr. Mind has me lightyears ahead of where they keep trying to put me, and Dr. Brain has been very supportive and has tried to call me once and has spoken to my drs.  The system we've created is so helpful.  I also realized how sick I've been in the past, because I've been every bit as sick as this, which is definetely not the mildest issue here.
Working on another collage.  Something to do, lets me focus on easy stuff, gets me out of my room and gives me color.  I like color.  I never knew how much.
Just me

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