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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Worksheets, smerksheets

Dr. Mind sent me home with some worksheets. I was supposed to fill one in by this afternoon's appointment. But then something changed. He also kept telling me I need to write. I said I do (he doesn't know about the blog). He said he means physically writing. I grumbled, but I did buy a notebook.

Last night I posted about how I was so tired after I saw both doctors that I just wanted to go to bed, although I think I planned to try a worksheet. Instead I took a bath (I learned online how to make my own bubbles with leftover shampoos) which was fabulous and relaxing, and made me sleepy enough to want to go to bed. But I couldn't, so I pulled out the paper journal and wrote and wrote. And then slept well. I can't believe how upset I am about some of what I've been through. Not that it was a bad place; it was quite nice, for what it was. It's just that there are a lot of things that go with the whole psych stay I never considered.

So that helped. I'll try a worksheet later; I don't have to go until 4.

It also helped so very much to know that I have help. I didn't even realize it until I got home, but not only did Dr. Body tell me to take ativan he also made it so I can take Vistaril 2-3 times more per day.

I finally feel like I'm going to survive this. And that I have enough meds to manage it. Generally i've been waking up anxious and making myself wait a few hours to take a Klonopin since I only got 2 per day. Today I woke up anxious and took Klonopin, because I have so many more choices if I need them.

Now I may go back to sleep for a bit. We'll see. But I'm actually a little tired, another sign the med is actually helping the anxiety because I didn't wait too long between.

ETA: I fell asleep. No worksheets. Maybe before I leave. Maybe not. Many pages of journaling fun.


Michal Ann said...

Lots and lots of great news in these posts, JustWonderfulMe! I like the idea of "money floating around out there!" Maybe it will fly past that FedEx Cobra payment. Yippee! Thank our Good Lord for some major relief in the storm. That news encourages my faith, too. THANK YOU! ><>

You ARE surviving AND thriving. It's SO WONDERFUL that your docs are such supportive advocates. Writing and writing is a good thing. Don't you think you're feeling less anxious partly because you're "down loading" by writing and all the other good efforts you're making? I remain VERY very PROUD of you!

I, too, would miss soy products because I enjoy Asian foods of all types. What soy products do you like? I'll bet you'll be introduced to some wonderful new foods as you look for alternatives, especially high fiber foods.

I just checked out the following healthy lifestyle site which you can save for future reference. http://www.bragg.com/

The Bragg's organic Apple Cider Vinegar label directs you to this scripture:

3 John 2
"Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit."

AMEN! and LOVE, Michal

Julia said...

This post is your most coherent yet (I don't mean that in a bad way) because it's succinct, on target, thoughtful, smooth.

I think you are doing fabulous (as much as I can tell from the outside!)

Yay for more meds and yay for thinking you are going to survive this. Cause I always knew you would.