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Monday, November 09, 2009

Counting Blessings

I was smart today. I didn't take my PRN medication before I saw Dr. Mind or Dr. Body, so that they could see how lousy I really feel. Dr. Mind helped a great deal by helping me talk about all the new fears that have come up since the hospital. I have worksheets to help calm my thinking.

Dr. Body was awesome. I knew he wasn't going to love what I was going to ask him to do. I needed the Emsam increased, which isn't exactly something a family doctor does often. I also needed more meds for anxiety, which wouldn't be such a big deal if I weren't on so many. I needed refills on things he doesn't prescribe. I needed meds for heartburn, probably because I've drank like 3 gallons of orange juice since I got home. Etc. Thanks to having a good relationship with him and my honesty about not being able to be this depressed for 3 more weeks until Dr. Brain is back, he did all of it. Including giving me samples of Prilosec.

So, tomorrow I get my higher dose of the Emsam. That means the dietary restrictions become strict. I do not care. I just want to feel better.

At this point I'm just exhausted. I need to eat and go to sleep I think.

Probably no more tonight. We'll see, but I'm really exhausted. Too much stress.


Michal Ann said...

Thanks again for keeping us up to date. You're going to have to stay out of bars and delis. Are there any foods you commonly eat that are going to be troublesome to avoid? I hope your tummy and everything else gets more comfortable VERY SOON. You'll have to reward yourself with foods you really enjoy. Does anything sound like a treat?

I don't see the Walgreens post.

I'm SO GLAD you have the worksheets to calm your thinking...one day I hope you can share about that. It might help a lot of us. WHAT A BLESSING that Dr. Body was able to help you so much!

"Counting blessings" with you, dear JustMe. Praying that you'll be thinking yourself as calm as possible and getting a solid rest.
You had stress today because you're taking care of business. GOOD job!!

Praying for your encouragement, Michal

From Psalm 46:10,11

Be still, and know that I am God;

The God of Jacob is our refuge.

Just Me said...

I actually am not giving up too much food. I eat/ate a lot of soy and that's the hard one. Since the dietician consult I requested in the hospital didn't come through I'm going to have to do that OP because I don't know how much soy I can have (small amounts are in everything).

I love cheese, but haven't been able to eat it for a very long time because of constipation.

Otherwise, I like sauerkraut but will be fine without.

The Walgreens post shouldn't have posted; it wouldn't let me cut and paste. Thanks for telling me; I'll take that down until I can figure it out.