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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Freaking out pays off

So yesterday I was very worried about my disability.  Today it came through, and even though I had to pester some large medical institutions I wound up having an easier time with this than with any other disability claim ever.  I don't know how much of that was that this is physical and that was psych, but they were so easy to work with and so much less demanding of having crazy stuff than anyone else.  My check should have been sent today and so about Monday I'll be a whole lot less stress about money.  If I wind up needing to stay off for urological or psychiatric reasons that is also very easily managed.  So, go Cigna!

I also heard from the hospital about my complaint about being abandoned by the transporter.  They dealt with it quickly and with a bunch of apologies from all supervisors concerned which I really, really appreciate.  Hopefully that never happens to anyone again as it was awful.

I did a lot today and am going to try something new because I'm so tired:  I'm going to go ahead and take my meds and see if I can go to sleep early and just ignore the need for another pain pill.  If it doesn't work I'll deal and go back to my usual up til 2 AM thing but I want to try this.  I honestly think I could go to sleep for the night without meds after doing so much, so there's hope.  I hope there is at a least.

Good night???

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